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What is a Jewelry Armoire?

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Jewels and jewelry are some of the most valuable possessions we can own in a lifetime. Since time in memorial, jewels are not only appreciated for their magnificence, but they also highly prized because they are usually made of precious stones and metal. Jewelries symbolize a person’s social stature. Threfore, the more jewelry a person has indicates that she is well-off and rich. Since these items are considered priceless, then it’s only fitting that they should be kept in a safe place. Most women see jewelry boxes and chests as some of the usual options in keeping jewelries and other valuable items. But there are instances when a person’s jewelry collection is too much for just a single box to bear. In this case, she will need a bigger space. And this can be well provided by a piece of furniture we usually refer to as Jewelry Armoire.

In simple terms, a Jewelry Armoire is a piece of tall furniture that is created to store and organize several pieces of jewelries. It is a spacious option for ladies who have more than one collection of jewelry as it is designed to organize jewelry pieces and keep in them in a safe place away from plain sight. The name of the furniture is derived from the French word “Ar-Moire” meaning a large cabinet with ornate shelves for storing a particular item.

A typical Armoire for Jewelry is usually made tall with “complex” sections for storing and organizing different pieces of jewelry. They are also made in order to look like a conventional piece of furniture on the outside, but have a ‘special function’ on the inside. Basically, the main purpose of this household item is to allow a person to store jewelries properly and organize them accordingly into jewelry types so it can be easily located the moment it is going to be used.




There are 2 types of Jewelry Armoire and these are the floor standing type and the dresser top.

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Floor standing type – A floor standing type jewelry armoire is designed for keeping large number of jewelry collections. They are built primarily for storing jewelry, but the owner can also make use of it for storing scarves and lingerie as there is an additional compartment for these items as these things are also considered priceless by some women. Floor standing armoires are some of the fine furniture pieces ever created. Their designs are specifically patterned to blend with modern bedroom concepts while concealing the valuables on the inside at the same time. The materials are often made of the finest wood (oak and cherry). That’s why they are often prized on the steeper end depending on the materials as well as the manufacturer of the product.

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Dresser top – This type of jewelry armoire is often made tall and has 2 swing-out doors opening on opposite sides. The doors are designed for storing necklaces as they have hooks where for hanging this kind of jewelry. Aside from that, the dresser top armoire also includes several drawers where you can store your rings, earrings, bracelets, anklets, etc. with.

The average size of a dresser top is usually 10 to 14 inches high and 10 to 14 inches across and the prize range goes around $100-$300 (or higher depending on the furniture’s manufacturer).



Advantages of Having a Jewelry Armoire

Armoire furniture may be seen as only an ordinary item by some, but actually there are advantages having these things inside your bedroom:

1. Organize your stuff – Obviously, this is one of the main reasons for having this in your house. But looking further, the more organize your jewelry the less hassle it would be for you to locate your things once you need to use it for special occasions such as an evening dinner or a cocktail party.

2. Adds beauty to your room – Apart from their main function, jewelry armoire also acts as decorative pieces to more appeal to your bedroom.

3. Possible heirloom – Most women are fond of passing on their jewelry as heirlooms for their daughters and other younger members of the family. If this is the case, then it also makes sense to make a jewelry armoire as a possible heirloom for those who are going to pass down their collection of jewelry to the next generation. After all, they will need a safe place for keeping these items. And on top of that, the older the furniture is the pricier it becomes.



Tips for Selecting the Perfect Jewelry Armoire

If you are looking for that perfect jewelry armoire for your bedroom, here are some of the tips you need to consider:

1. Work with your budget – Determine the amount of money you are willing to spend for a fine piece of armoire for your jewelries. Work with your budget as much as possible. Do not overspend if you find a more appealing design. Look for a cheaper alternative instead.

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2. Go for free standing designs – If you are looking for a unique piece of furniture for keeping jewelry, then opt for armoire designs that truly one of its kind like rattan and bamboo jewelry armoire. These cabinets often come with detailed designs (hand carved images, mother of pearl, etc.) which really set your piece apart from the rest.

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3. Classic and chic exudes glamour – If you are more of a traditional type, then opt for classic and chic designs instead. Not only will it give out a glamorous effect in your room, but it will also provide you with additional hooks and pockets for storing earrings and necklaces securely.

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4. Choose a wood finish to match your personal style – Light cherry wood armoires convey a warm vibe while oak finishes give off a cool feel. As much as possible, try to choose a wood finish according to your personality and you will never go wrong. Another tip we can suggest is to choose a wood finish according to the dominant color inside your room and opt for something in contrast to make this furniture noticeable from the rest of the items you have in your bedroom.

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Recommended Products

Here are some of the Jewelry Armoire products we can recommend you to check out:

11. Hives & Honey Jewelry Armoire – Rustic Pine – This elegant piece of furniture is the one that you need to buy if you want your room to look stylish and sophisticated. The best thing about having this item in your possession is you’ll always have an eye-catching storage space that is always lovely to look at. And that is because of the Rustic Pine finish.

Classic, crisp, and clean-looking, the Hives & Honey Jewelry Armoire looks as sweet as its name. Moreover, here are some of the features you can get when you buy this item for storing your valuables:

– 8 large pull out drawers with sectioned areas for storing small jewelry pieces such as rings and earrings.

– 2 large doors on the side with 16 metal hooks (8 on each door) for hanging necklaces.

– Mirrored top lid to help you groom as you pick the jewelry of choice for the evening.

– Slow close hinge feature to prevent your treasures from being misplaced due to accidental “banging”.

– Plush tan felt to help you appreciate the feel of the furniture as the way it looks.

– Cord management hole

If you’re looking spend more just to ensure the quality of the product, then this is the kind of armoire you are looking for.

22. Antique Walnut Locking Jewelry Armoire – The look of the product exudes a classic feel that is suitable for any traditionally designed bedroom. Antique walnut inspires sophistication. And this is what you need if you’re woman of style. Not only will this piece adds exquisiteness in your sleeping area, but it has enough space to hold you most precious of jewelry collection.

Here’s what you get when you purchase the Antique Walnut Locking Jewelry Armoire:

– The overall dimension of the item is 21.5” (Width) by 14.5” (Depth) by 45” (Height)

– The frame is made of MDF wood coated in a rich walnut finish (with solid wood veneers included)

– Side doors with several hooks for hanging necklace jewelries

– Front door opens to drawers and it also includes an open storage for storing other valuables like lotions and perfumes. It also has a lock and key so you can safely keep your treasures at all times.

– Top compartment includes a tilt mirror and a removable tray

– Black felt to help you get a clearer look of your jewelries

The Antique Walnut Locking Jewelry Armoire is a definite eye candy and one of the best selling products we have here. So get yours today while you can.

33. Swivel Cheval Jewelry Armoire in White – This thing of beauty is created by Belham Living to house any kind of jewelry while making these valuables easier to access the moment you need to wear them. It many look like an ordinary full-length mirror at a first glance, but the magic starts to happen the moment you open the back side and reveal the number of ring holders, jewelry hooks, pocket shelves, watch pillows, bracelet rods, etc. just waiting to be filled with your precious jewelries. Not only that, this armoire also has 2 drawers at the bottom which are both adorned with faux crystal door knobs to give off a more elegant look. Lock and key features are also added to ensure added protection for your priceless ornaments.

Other features of the Swivel Cheval Jewelry Armoire include:

– The overall dimension of the item is 20” (Width) by 15” (Depth) by 63” (Height)

– Cream felt lining at the interior for a luxurious feel

– Made of MDF wood (w/ solid wood veneers) to ensure durability. The entire frame is coated in white to convey a distinctive clean look.

– Swivel base bottom

– Adjustable full-length mirror

This Jewelry Armoire is an ideal gift item for weddings, birthdays, Christmas, and it can also be a perfect gift for yourself too!

44. Hives and Honey “Celene” Jewelry Armoire, Expresso – True to its namesake, the Hives and Honey “Celene” Jewelry Armoire, Expresso can deliver a strong statement. The color of this armoire is classical that it instant turns your abode into a cozy place the moment you place this inside your bedroom.

The Hives and Honey “Celene” Jewelry Armoire, Expresso comes with these awesome features to help you store jewelries minus the hassle: The top part of the armoire is hinged to reveal a mirror which you can use to help you stylize with your collection; it has handy compartments to help you organize your stuff neatly; and the inner lid is handsomely lined with anti-tarnish felt to help maintain your jewelry in pristine condition.

Another striking feature of this one of a kind item is the French-style design of the front doors which adds to the overall classic feel of the product. Aside from that, the antique hardware and handles of the armoire are carefully styled to match the gorgeous French appeal that you cannot find on other Jewelry Armoires.

The Hives and Honey “Celene” Jewelry Armoire is also available in Century White and Grey Wash to provide you with other options to match your aesthetic style.

Truly, this is the product to be if you’re a woman who likes to see and be seen. Grab one today while you can.